Chen Ting-shih Memorial Art Museum

Chen Ting shih experienced wars and cultural conflicts, from early wood prints to sugarcane bagasse board prints to abstract prints, settling in Taiping in his later years .Chen had created nearly a thousand complex iron sculptures. Most of the materials to create iron sculpture were scrapping scrap iron, industrial parts, destroying daily necessities, broken bones and folk art...etc. He made good use of the "waste" and created incredible and marvelous pieces of art. His works have been exhibited abroad many times. In 1999, he was invited to the exhibition of "Twentieth Century Metal Sculptors" in Spain and France, with French sculptors César Baldaccini, Picasso, Kadar and Tankiri. Equivalent to the church. His iron sculpture "Jonny Walker" was selected by French art critic Jean-Louis Ferrier in the "Art of the 20th Century" and he has gained reputation worldwide ever since.




The Taiping Tobacco Market was originally a distribution center for tobacco. It has been abandoned for a long time due to the change of the times, witnessing the rise and fall of the tobacco industry in Taiping District. Nowadays, through the efforts of the public and private sectors of all walks of life, we have been repaired and reused, and finally restored a new field that combines history and art.


In addition to planning the "Tobacco Leaf Deduction Area" and the "Local Art Exhibition Area", the revitalized shopping mall will let the public know the history of the tobacco industry and the local artists, and the "Chen Ting Shih Memorial Museum" was set up in the theme display area in the museum , paying tribute to this international master.

The "Chen Ting Shih Memorial Art Museum" will be curated by Chen Ting shih Modern Art Foundation in the future, letting Taiwanese people know the art titan in the art history of the 20th century and feel the vitality of the works. I hope that we can use the space here to provide people with fantastic art works and create a beautiful new landmark full of cultural spirit for Taichung.


  • No. 464, Dongping Road, Taiping District, Taichung City


Opening hours

  • Open from 9am to 12pm & from 1pm to 5pm (close at noon)

  • Closed on Monday and National holidays