Chen Ting-shih


  • Chen Ting-Shih and his father Chen Chung-Yuan.

  • Chen Ting-Shih and his sister.

  • Born in Fukien Province, China on 22ⁿᵈ November 1913.


  • Lost his hearing in an accident at the age of 8.


  • First woodcut print caricature work appeared in Anti-Japanese Caricatures in Fukien under the pen name Ears.

  • Lieutenant in the Propaganda Department of the Chinese Nationalist Army in Fukien Province.

  • Co-editor of the monthly People's Pictorial (lasting for 24 issues) alongside with Song Bing-Heng.


  • Art editor of the Righteous China Publishing Co.

  • Stage designer of the Touring Theater Educational Team, the Ministry of Education.


  • Joined the caricature team of the Third War Zone; transferred to the Front Publishing Co. in September to serve as an editor.


  • Tutor at the Chinese National Woodcut Correspondence Course.


  • After being an art editor at the the Chinese Righteous Publishing Co., and the Japanese army was trapped in Zhangzhou, he was transferred to Miaofeng, Weinan, and Jidong.


  • Retreating to Taiwan with Chang Kai-Shek´s Chinese Nationalist Army.


  • Invited to be the art editor of Taichung's newspaper "Peace Daily", editor-in-chief "Weekly Pictorial" and responsible for "The Travel around the Island" serialized for "New Knowledge" and "Cultural Exchange" by Yang Lan as a art editor.


  • Due to the February 28 incident, he left Taiwan and was hired as the editor of Fuzhou "Xingxing Daily".

  • Working at the Taiwan Provincial Library in Taipei.

  • Vegetable car (Provided by Mei Dingyan)

  • Working at the Taiwan Provincial Library in Taipei (now Taiwan National Library).

  • Commissioned to produce an oil painting Liu Ming-Chuan Building Railway of Taiwan.

  • Serving as an art editor to the supplement of the China Daily, the {New Century}, {Public opinion Report} and {ART}.


  • Resigned from the Provincial Taipei Library

  • Modern Graphic Art members held modern graphic exhibitions.

  • The 11th Sao Paulo Art Biennial.

  • Co-founding the Modern Graphic Art Association.

  • Resumed cultural-artistic activities. Entering「The 5th São Paulo Biennial」for the first time 〈entering also the 6-8th and the 11 th〉


  • Publishing article "Printmaking and Me" on Architecture Bi-Monthly.

  • Joined the Fifth Moon Group.

  • The picture of Chen and the members of the Ton Fan Group.

  • Joining the Fifth Moon Group.

  • Chen's work-Hibernating-that won the international Grand Prize of the 1ᵗʰ International Biennial Exhibition of Prints, Seoul, Korea.

  • The report of China News, 13th, June, 1970

  • Winning the international Grand Prize at the 1ᵗʰ international Biennial Exhibition of Prints, Seoul, Korea, organized by the Eastern Asia Daily News

  • The 8ᵗʰ Golden Cup Prize of the Art Society of Chinese, Taiwan.

  • Shot in from the work " Day and Night"

  • Participating in "The Way of Creation and Development of Printmaking"symposium which was held by Lion Art


  • Traveling in the US for almost two years;designing the mosaic for the parliament of the Colorado State for the celebration of the 200ᵗʰ anniversary of the founding of USA.

  • American critic James Mills comments on Chen’s works as “striking a perfect balance between stability and lightness, calmness and exuberance.

  • Relocating from Taipei to Taichung


  • Co-founding and chairing the Modern Eyes Group,Taichung.


  • Director of the Modern Eyes Group


  • Winning the First Edition of the Acclaimed Artist Award , Taichung City cultural center


  • Traveling in India


  • Launching an art gallery and studio in Taichung County.

  • Traveling to Germany ( Visit the 10th Document Exhibition )

  • Chen Ting Shih and César Baldaccini

  • Participating in Exhibition of Metal Sculpture of the 20ᵗʰ Century, touring in Sapin and France in 1998-1999

  • Participating in Exhibition of Metal Sculpture of the 20ᵗʰ Century, touring in Sapin and France;Chen Ting-Shih’s iron sculpture was displayed on the 20ᵗʰ Century Metal Sculpture Retrospective Exhibition, alongside with the works by Picasso, Dalder and César Baldaccini.

  • The cover of the English version of "Art of the 20th Century"

  • The cover of the French version of "Art of the 20th Century"

  • His work "Johnnie Walker" was included in a chapter in "Master of Iron and Space" and he was crowned with eternal glory in the art history of the 20th century.

  • When Chen represented Taiwan to exhibit his works in Spain and France, Chen’s work “ Jonnie Walker” was embodied in the chapter "Masters of Iron and Space" of the book "Art Of The 20th Century”.


  • Chen Ting-Shih passed away on the 15ᵗʰ April in Taichung, Taiwan.


  • Taiping Tobacco Market established "Chen Ting-Shih Memorial Art Museum."