Chen’s unique and famous abstract modern prints are simple in shape and changeable in composition. He skillfully uses circles and squares, which contain the poetic feelings of humanity. The colors gold, silver, red, black and blue are the typical colors of oriental philosophy. With the lines and color blocks of the prints, we can feel the flow of the time.


These simple and impressive prints are all printed with bagasse boards (sugarcane fiber boards), which are use as building materials back in the 50s and 60s. Because of Chen, these bagasse boards have new life. When we look at the stars and the boundless land in those prints, we finally realize everything in the world in connected with each other.

Peeping (1968)

Spring is Coming#1 (1978)

The Piping of Heaven#6 (1980)

Stellar Symmetry#1 (1974)

Totem (1964)

Hibernating#1 (1969)

Day&Night#100 (1985)

Below the Freeing Point#10 (1985)

Callgraphy#5 (1977)

Will#18 (1983)

Day&Night#25 (1973)

Dreaming in the Glacier#3 (1973)